How to Save Money on International Business Calls

Being able to cheap call Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, China or any other country is imperative for saving on your business expenses. While most businesses that perform work and consultations internationally just assume they will have a large phone bill each month, there are ways to cut costs and save your business some money. As technology changes the way people communicate, your business can take advantage of voice over Internet protocol (VOIP), reduced rate text messaging, and reduced phone rates to save money.

While large businesses may find it easier to negotiate a deal with their traditional phone service provider, smaller businesses with only a handful of employees may like working with a third party provider. This can be any VOIP software or online discount phone service. Before you cheap call Pakistan or another country, look at all the options available to reduce your phone bill.

Using Voice Over Internet Protocol to Make Free Calls

One of the best ways to reduce or eliminate your international call charges is to have your business utilise VOIP software. This software can also be implemented on your business mobile phones and laptops. This lets your employees make reduced or free phone calls while travelling, and they don’t need to worry about logging their phone minutes or reporting the number of calls they made while abroad.

To use this service you simply install the VOIP software, and as long as the business you’re calling uses the same device you can make free international calls. Sometimes this service offers a reduced rate rather than a free option, but it’s still cheaper than using a traditional phone service. With more businesses wanting to take advantage of VOIP integrated packages once reserved for large companies that could afford the setup and maintenance costs are being scaled down to accommodate smaller corporations.

Using a Discounted Phone Service

If your company sends employees abroad frequently and they must use their mobile phones, you may want to look into a reduce phone rate program. This is perfect for starter companies who have fewer than 10 employees but need the same benefits a larger company receives. The reduced rate program allows you to register phone numbers to your account. These numbers are then able to dial a local access number, enter a personal identification number, and dial the intended destination.

The service is able to provide your business with a number that’s reconised as local by your business mobile provider. The phone rate company will then deduct money from your prepaid account each time an employee places an international call. The next time an employee needs to cheap call Pakistan, China, or India, they can do it for free or at a greatly reduced rate.

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