Why Prospecting Should Be Your Number One Priority

Many people find themselves much more comfortable with retailing but leave recruiting on the back burner. In this article, I am going to talk with you about why prospecting should be your number one priority.

It is true that teamwork makes the dream work, but you have to remember that some people are going to quit your team. You can’t expect everything to go as you would like it to go when you are working with people.

Only a Few Will Be Willing to Do What Is Necessary

Only a few people are going to be willing to do what is required to win in anything and that includes network marketing. You need to have enough people on your team that you are going to be able to keep moving forward even if you lose a few people from the team or if people start to underperform.

You should always think like a winner and have an abundance mindset instead of thinking that there isn’t enough out there for everyone and other thoughts that are obviously a lack mindset.

When you have plenty of personal recruits, your team members are also going to bring on a lot of new people because they are following the example of the leader. The more you do, the more they are going to do. If you aren’t doing anything they are not going to do anything.


Once you get good at recruiting, it is going to become easy for you. Instead of feeling worried about your abilities and if you are going to be able to go the distance, start moving forward and you will be surprised at how things start to fall into place with your recruiting efforts.

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